We believe in Good Karma and Serving Humanity, by leaving no one behind

"Goober is life on steroids. Exciting, flexible, and inexpensive. What a great way to share and barter where everyone wins!"
~ Kathrine Johnson

Goober Life ™ is looking for new Goober drivers to drive humanity. Are you ready to join the next great mission of humanity? Goober Life ™ is a blend between technology, innovation, and humanitarianism. Drive your future through a unique social network that taps into the strength and compassion of every individual.

Goober Life ™


  • Give a Ride / Get a Ride
  • Give a Business Lead / Get a Business Lead (Lead Sharing)
  • Give Food / Get Food (Food Sharing)
  • Give Shelter / Get Shelter Shelter Sharing)
  • Network with other citizens that have similar interests and needs
  • Before you let something go to waste see if there is a Goober out there in need
  • Want to volunteer and help others Give on Goober