Dubay Business Services (DBS)

was established in 2008, by founder Padma Dwivedi. Shivani Tiwari currently serves as CEO and Anand functions at the Vice President and Chief Information Officer. DBS is Headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska and has satellite offices near Atlanta, Georgia and Portland, Oregon. Anand is an engineer by training with an extensive background in project management, organizational strategy, statistics, data analysis, IT infrastructure, computer programming and critical systems engineering.

Shivani is an Attorney by training and has more then then years of experience in executive-level organizational management, supply chain technologies, data analysis, and strategic leadership. DBS has an established internal network of skilled associates that directly provide DBS with sole-source resources all aimed at achieving the highest quality services and products that meet the DBS Mission and Vision.

The DBS client list has included Governmental agencies, Governors, US Senators, Multi-Million dollar oil companies, medical offices, law enforcement agencies, Tribal Governments, Non-Profit Organizations, Conservation Organizations, Political Action Committees, Educational Institutions, Transportation Businesses, and Tourism companies.

DBS is a global company with resources that span North America and beyond.