Data Management

Deliver on your business objectives through strategic management of your data assets. Understand your data like never before and let DBS show you the power of information. Strategic Data Management will enable your organization to proactively manage its information assets to help improve delivery of your business objectives.

  • User focused solutions
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Integration
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Hardware and Software solutions
  • Data Collection & Input

2D-DATA systems can provide:

  • Data Security
  • Purge Old/Bad Data
  • Eliminate Duplication
  • General IT support
  • Test your data for accuracy
  • Data Mine and analyze for maximum profitability
  • Data Migration Services

Your business will have access to local/state/national voter lists, phone lists, e-mail lists, voting initiatives people have signed, fish and game licenses, political donor lists, business/chamber of commerce information lists, and homeowner data.


2D-DATA will help your business to become more profitable. High data quality is achieved by active data mining, cleaning, consolidating and migrating it to our system.

Data has a lifecycle. Use it or the information will become stagnant. 2D-DATA will help you to keep it current and relevant.

All data needs be cleaned. DBS will data mine the data that is relevant for your business. This is business intelligence.